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Slibo aims to be a comfortable chess interface for KDE. Designed to be usable as a replacement for the xboard chess interface, it has much more functionality, and, on the other hand, is easy to use. Slibo can be used with common chess engines like crafty or gnuchess, but it provides its own chess engine too. You can


Note the nice realtime shadows and reflections :-)


Source tarball

Slibo sourcecode can be downloaded from Sourceforge here. You need to have succesfully installed KDE 3 or higher and need a gcc 3 or higher to build it. I also recommend hardware accelerated OpenGL.

Anonymous cvs access

You can obtain slibo via cvs with

cvs login
(press enter when asked for a password) cvs checkout slibo

Binary distributions

You will find some binary distributions here, kindly provided by


For the source package:


bunzip2 -c slibo/slibo-0.4.4-tar.bz2 | tar x
cd slibo-0.4.4
to unpack the source tarball and to change to the directory containing source code. Type

to configure the package for your system. If configure stops with an error, you are usually missing a library or your gcc is to old. Type

to compile the package. Optionally it is possible to build a processor optimized, profiled version of the engine, this yields about 5-10% speed gain. To do so, type
cd src/sliboengine
make processor type
cd ../..

where processor type may be athlon, athlon-xp or pentium4. As root type
make install

to install the programs and the data files. This step is mandatory, else slibo won't find its textures.